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About Trade Link

Since 1995 we have grown to a national company supporting over 3000 stores in 17 countries in Africa, representing over 40000 POS lanes. We have regional offices and companies in South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana.


Since 2012, Trade Link was split into three divisions, still operating under the Trade Link banner, to enable each company to focus on specific services within the FMCG market. Trade Link Retail Systems division continues to focus on our retail installations and support, while Trade Link Professional Services division offers all our clients our Development, QA, Project Management and support services. Our newest division is Trade Link POS Services, where we cater to all our clients online and eCommerce needs.

Key Staff

We employ over 300 skilled people, including retail consultants, developers, and support staff. Our focus on the retail sector has allowed us to build specific consulting expertise and focus on providing tailored, development and support driven solutions, covering large corporate retailers (SPAR, Shoprite), smaller retail groups and distribution centers.

Key points

  • Flexible merchandising and controls for supply chain management
  • Greater retailer stock control to limit theft and stock shrinkage
  • Systems ease of use and training/support for retailers and their staff
  • Brand and promotions management
  • Value added offerings to clients for EFT and bill payments
  • Increased levels of customer service and throughput
  • International exposure and trends
  • Customer Loyalty program

BBE Compliant

Trade Link group of companies views the B-BBEE as an important set of guides for us to increase empowerment participation and ownership in South Africa, with Trade Link contributing to the overall growth and wealth of our direct staff, as well as their families and communities. Doing business in South Africa has to include a focus on improving the lives of those who were previously disadvantaged, while utilizing the strength and skills to continue to grow Trade Link as a truly South African company.  Our staff are our greatest asset and we look forward to making meaningful contributions to their well-being and future success, as individuals as well and valued members of our community.

The Trade Link group is an effective 51% B-BBEE Owned company as of December 2017. Our commitment to the transformation strategy and sustainable value is backed by our shareholders and Executive staff.