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Divisions of Trade-Link Holdings

Trade Link is a leading South African Retail IT Solutions group, focusing primarily on the retail Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) markets in RSA and Africa, as well as specialized retailing markets. We provide software solutions and services to manage your Point of Sale, Front and Back Office, Warehouse and Head Office solutions. Our professional development, support and project management services to guarantee you the best system, providing full stock and sales management at your branches, head office and distribution centers.

Trade-Link Retail Systems

  • Trade Link Retail Systems (Pty) Ltd offers retailers and retail groups a full service solution for all your software and hardware needs, including e-commerce and EFT services.

  • We are there for your POS software needs, linking into your back office and warehouse distribution systems, offering a complete hardware solution to ensure you experience unparalleled stability and reliability with your chosen platform, as well as complementary services to link your clients to banking and loyalty systems.

  • Our helpdesk and support divisions provide backup and experience to ensure no system downtime, along with hardware swap-out options within agreed SLA levels.

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Trade-Link Professional Services

  • Trade link Professional Services (Pty) Ltd is our software development company in the Trade Link Group, focusing on your POS development and Quality Assurance, tailoring our software to meet your ever-growing needs.

  • Our experienced group of developers are supported by our Business Development and QA staff, allowing quick reaction to changes and improvements required by our clients.

  • Our project management ensures that we meet your development requirements based on acceptable quality, time and budget constraints; managing the project risks to ensure development is always aimed at the mission critical requirements and providing client ownership on the products produced.

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Trade-Link POS Services

  • Trade-Link POS Services (Pty) Ltd is the newest company in the Trade-Link Group, which is geared for development of future business and technology. A fully licensed Microsoft Partner and development house, comprising of two divisions, Enterprise Development and SME Development.

  • In all our listed products and applications, a cornerstone to our success in each project, is the ability to derive high end analytical reporting for all segments within our client’s business sectors.

  • From hourly update reporting and escalation tracking to financial forecasting of revenue generation and more. These kinds of reports can only be delivered by having a complete understanding of the business and the decision-making needs within each division.

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