Retail Manager

Centralized control over all your retail operations.

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Retail Manager has been designed as a Retail Back Office solution to provide full control over your inventory from the moment goods arrive at the back door through to the final sale to the customer. The system has been designed in conjunction with leading retailers ensuring that the features work naturally with the normal daily operations of the office staff.


  • Easy system navigation and short learning curve
  • Basket analysis of all sales data
  • Loyalty system for customer rewards
  • Customer accounts updated throughout stores and head office

Key benefits

  • Powerful promotions engine, allowing for various promotion types, setup at head office or per stores, with extensive reporting on all promotion aspects and GP’s.
  • End to end system, covering POS to store back office, head office and warehousing. All aspects of price management, transactions and master data are distributed throughout your group network, leading to financial and ledger management.
  • Comprehensive stock management system, including recipes, replenishment, branch transfers, stock adjustments and audit trails.


Retail Manager’s underlying architecture is flexible and configurable by design enabling you to implement your unique business process requirements. Optimised for Microsoft’s Windows environment, Retail Manager is capable of running on a variety of hardware platforms.

User Interface

Familiar web application-like feel makes Retail Manager easy to learn for users throughout the various modules. For security, different password protected user levels can be created allowing cashiers, operators and management able to access different levels of pricing, reporting and system operations, including their language preference.

Product Maintenance

Centralised data and cost control modules are efficiently deployed and manages large inventories with multiple store profiles for fast new product introduction, managing fill rates and handling multiple suppliers and prices. Using target GP’s, the system can automatically recalculate selling prices when a new cost price is entered into the system, therefore ensuring maximum profit at all times.

Price Management

A single item can be used with unlimited price lists to control prices at different stores. Promotional prices may be entered into the system with automatic initiation at start and termination at the end of the promotional period. Retail Manager supports a variety of promotion types. Price changes may also be activated from within the Stock and Ordering system or batch updates can be received and processed from a central location.

Stock and Ordering

A comprehensive ordering and receiving system allows for the raising of orders, goods received against an order, ad-hoc goods received, returns and receipts into service departments. All stock transactions are recorded into the Stock Ledger providing daily, weekly, period and cumulative reports on all stock movement and stock holdings. Stock Valuation methods include Standard, Last Purchase or Average Cost.

POS Control System

Retail Manager can integrate with many POS software systems allowing customers to integrate to their existing system or with NCR StorePro POS. The system will track changes required for the POS and create update batches together with new shelf edge labels and pricing. The statistical database provides a wealth of information, tracking everything from a product purchase to cashier scan rates allowing enquiry and reporting.

Sales & Purchase Business Analysis

Throughout the system various reports have been created with Crystal Reports that are available as standard reports and custom reports can be easily created for your needs. These can be exported to Excel and PDF encouraging a paper-less environment. The database system allows for a broad range of reporting features for any time scale required. Data can be exported to any chosen Financial or Head Office system for reporting and updates.

Financial System

All accounting activities are integrated in your business routines such as goods receipts, sales invoices and purchase invoices that are prepared as journal entries for accounting entries to simply open periods and post entries without having to duplicate entries. As an integrated system entries can be easily navigated from accounting entries to operational documents.