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service-supportOur Trade Link Complementary Business Division offers EFT- & Pin Pad Support and Services to all our strategic partners.  We support all EFT Systems, such as Nomad, Transaction Junction, Concord, Vexen and FNB Switching Partners.

Pin Pad Installations & Support Services:

Trade Link offers professional installation and training services which include end-to-end pin pad Support from Asset- & Configuration Management, Controlled Stock Levels, pin pad Installations, Pin Pad transactional Training, Pin Pad Maintenance & Support as well as Pin Pad De-Installations (Incl. all consumables) and Comprehensive Reporting on Pin Pad swap-outs, SLA’s and trend analysis.

We ensure a Service to all Banks and Retailers based on their needs, technical requirements and end-user requirements.

We are currently supporting all pin pads within the SPAR environment on behalf of all the major banks, as well as supporting EFT needs for other major retailers.

Trade Link performs nationwide on-site installation and large scale rollouts. We are enabled to offer up to 24-hour turnaround time on Pin pad maintenance and support (swap outs).

Trade Link has the ability to offer clients fast, secure EFT-payment solutions and integrated services (Bill Payments, Airtime Sales, Money Transfers) which is increasingly a vital component of today’s shopping experience.

We are part of the team that allows retail groups to offer value to their clients, and to offer retailers the peace of mind with our Hardware- and Software Support on EFT systems, along with our continuous development and integration into POS software solutions.

Pin Pad Stands:

Trade Link also supply the pin pad stands/cradles on each pin pad type, customer’s needs and/or any specialized specification.