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service-supportTrade Link offers full software support for all our products and services. Utilizing on-site and remote support, we support over 2500 stores in 15 different countries in Africa for their full trading and head office features and functioning.

Our support staff has an excellent history of assisting our clients on both their systems and operational procedures in their retail environments.

Our support services include:

  • Assisting stores with balancing problems for cashier declarations
  • Providing backup evidence when investigating cases for cashier theft
  • Balancing sales when stores offline and reconciling daily department reports
  • Rebuilding reports in cases of network and hardware failures
  • Remote rebuilding of transaction databases
  • Remote patch and upgrade installations and monitoring
  • Create images for POS and Server builds to ensure proper system reload

Our support systems and our software stability allow us to assist and fix most system problems well within their SLA’s, and to keep the stores running while maintenance takes place, whether it be on site or through our remote support structure. Due to the systems configuration, each POS and Server has its own database to keep track of transaction data when offline or standalone.

We are able to access and recover data when Servers or POS units are offline or replaced with hardware failures. Another support function we assume is creating images of POS and back office machines to assist in the reloading of those systems to further reduce downtime and technical reloading errors.